William Lonsdale Photography | Chloe Jones EP Launch - 'Meet You There'

Chloe Jones EP Launch - 'Meet You There'

Those of you following my other social media accounts such as Facebook & Twitter will have heard me mention Chloe Jones in the past; a very talented singer-songwriter from Dukinfield, Greater Manchester who's working hard to gain recognition around the world.

You may also recall I produced a music video for her Autumnal song 'Conkers'. What, you didn't catch it?? In that case feast your eyes and more importantly ears on this:










After winning 'The Voice Of McDonald's UK' Chloe had equal success in the European leg of the competition, which led to being a world semi-finalist in the global singing competition. Her progression through the contest saw Chloe perform in London, Amsterdam, Portugal and the US, performing at The McDonald's Worldwide Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Chloe can be regularly found performing gigs & acoustic nights around the many bars, coffee & tea lounges of Manchester and if you're lucky you may even stumble across her busking on the streets of the City.

To build on her following from these popular performances, Chloe made the decision to produce an EP titled 'Meet You There'. The launch night was Friday April 15th and was located at Gullivers, situated in Manchester's ever popular Norther Quarter. 

The EP contains four Americana/Folk style songs which are inspired by her travels & wanderlust.

  • Meet You There
  • Wings
  • Daydreams
  • Free

You can check them out (by that I mean buy it) via iTunes

It was a great night which saw Chloe and her band supported by Richie Syrett, Susie Jones & Leanne Burton. Unfortunately I was unable to get to the launch until later so missed Leanne Burton (although I was informed she was awesome), plus most of Susie Jones but caught the back end.  

I did see all of Richie Syrett's fantastic performance and of course Chloe's (which, as expected was amazing). I was very pleased to be able to capture images of both acts; the following are my personal favourites, to view the complete set you can check it out here

Chloe & her band:

Chloe Jones EP Launch-111Chloe Jones EP Launch-111 Chloe Jones EP Launch-44Chloe Jones EP Launch-44 Chloe Jones EP Launch-55Chloe Jones EP Launch-55 Chloe Jones EP Launch-58Chloe Jones EP Launch-58 Chloe Jones EP Launch-59Chloe Jones EP Launch-59 Chloe Jones EP Launch-60Chloe Jones EP Launch-60 Chloe Jones EP Launch-62Chloe Jones EP Launch-62 Chloe Jones EP Launch-64Chloe Jones EP Launch-64 Chloe Jones EP Launch-67Chloe Jones EP Launch-67 Chloe Jones EP Launch-72Chloe Jones EP Launch-72 Chloe Jones EP Launch-74Chloe Jones EP Launch-74 Chloe Jones EP Launch-76Chloe Jones EP Launch-76 Chloe Jones EP Launch-80Chloe Jones EP Launch-80 Chloe Jones EP Launch-82Chloe Jones EP Launch-82 Chloe Jones EP Launch-83Chloe Jones EP Launch-83 Chloe Jones EP Launch-89Chloe Jones EP Launch-89

Chloe Jones EP Launch-93Chloe Jones EP Launch-93 Chloe Jones EP Launch-87Chloe Jones EP Launch-87 Chloe Jones EP Launch-97Chloe Jones EP Launch-97 Chloe Jones EP Launch-105Chloe Jones EP Launch-105 Chloe Jones EP Launch-107Chloe Jones EP Launch-107 Chloe Jones EP Launch-109Chloe Jones EP Launch-109

Plus Richie Syrett & the band:

Chloe Jones EP Launch-1Chloe Jones EP Launch-1 Chloe Jones EP Launch-2Chloe Jones EP Launch-2 Chloe Jones EP Launch-8Chloe Jones EP Launch-8 Chloe Jones EP Launch-9Chloe Jones EP Launch-9 Chloe Jones EP Launch-11Chloe Jones EP Launch-11 Chloe Jones EP Launch-14Chloe Jones EP Launch-14 Chloe Jones EP Launch-16Chloe Jones EP Launch-16 Chloe Jones EP Launch-17Chloe Jones EP Launch-17 Chloe Jones EP Launch-19Chloe Jones EP Launch-19 Chloe Jones EP Launch-21Chloe Jones EP Launch-21 Chloe Jones EP Launch-22Chloe Jones EP Launch-22 Chloe Jones EP Launch-27Chloe Jones EP Launch-27 Chloe Jones EP Launch-29Chloe Jones EP Launch-29 Chloe Jones EP Launch-31Chloe Jones EP Launch-31 Chloe Jones EP Launch-33Chloe Jones EP Launch-33

Did I mention Chloe is also available to book for weddings, parties or corporate events? If you'd like to know more, check out her website or email.   

Which is your favourite track off the EP?


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