William Lonsdale Photography | Portrait shoot with professional MUA | Sugarskull design

Portrait shoot with professional MUA | Sugarskull design

I was commissioned to do a portrait shoot, that broke from the norm with a bit of a twist. A husband hired a professional make up artist (MUA), to create a sugar skull design to make up his spanish wife in the style of 'del dia de Los muertos' (Day of the Dead). The MUA was Sophie Battersby and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others. 

The whole make-up and hair process took around 3 hours to complete and the end results were absolutely fantastic, I captured the whole process to tell the story and at the end took portrait images.

The husband then selected one of the images to be tattooed onto his chest!

So let's see the images that tell the story, firstly the make-up:

2015_07_12_WLP00042015_07_12_WLP0004 2015_07_12_WLP00132015_07_12_WLP0013 2015_07_12_WLP00192015_07_12_WLP0019 2015_07_12_WLP00262015_07_12_WLP0026 2015_07_12_WLP00282015_07_12_WLP0028 2015_07_12_WLP00312015_07_12_WLP0031 2015_07_12_WLP00342015_07_12_WLP0034 2015_07_12_WLP00352015_07_12_WLP0035 2015_07_12_WLP00372015_07_12_WLP0037 2015_07_12_WLP00452015_07_12_WLP0045 2015_07_12_WLP00482015_07_12_WLP0048 2015_07_12_WLP00492015_07_12_WLP0049 2015_07_12_WLP00532015_07_12_WLP0053 2015_07_12_WLP00552015_07_12_WLP0055 WLP_8983WLP_8983 Nice...., now let's move onto the hair:

2015_07_12_WLP00632015_07_12_WLP0063 2015_07_12_WLP00712015_07_12_WLP0071 2015_07_12_WLP00722015_07_12_WLP0072 2015_07_12_WLP00772015_07_12_WLP0077 2015_07_12_WLP00802015_07_12_WLP0080 2015_07_12_WLP00832015_07_12_WLP0083 WLP_9221WLP_9221

Lastly, a few with hair & make-up completed for full effect:

2015_07_12_WLP00912015_07_12_WLP0091 2015_07_12_WLP00942015_07_12_WLP0094 2015_07_12_WLP01112015_07_12_WLP0111 2015_07_12_WLP01242015_07_12_WLP0124 2015_07_12_WLP01292015_07_12_WLP0129

I'm sure you'll agree from the final results that Sophie has some mad skills...

I look forward to working with her again at some point in the near future!



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Well Anne, as they say 'Sharing is caring' - I appreciate it :)
I babysat while this took place, so I only caught bits of the work in progress. The pics are brilliant and I will be showing them to the girls st work.
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