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Street photography with the Fuji X100T

Opinions on what is real street photography are wide and varied ranging from they can only be of people, only be candid, only using prime lenses, only without a flash. It's such a bone of contention but you get the idea. Myself, I'll simply say that if your outdoors on a street (or built up area) and you've taken a photo I'm happy to let it slide.

The thing is, photography is a subjective area and no matter what you're discussing there will always be a dozen opinions. I'm not even going to approach the question of; Is photography an art form? (many believe it's not).

So now I've got that out of the way, I went out into one of the local towns with my Fuji X100T to do some street photography. I had a remit, which was 'Dark & Gloomy' and hit the streets. I got some average sort of images but it wasn't about getting that elusive 'the image' (although I'd have been pleased if that had happened) it was about getting out there with camera in hand, exploring and capturing something. 

Following are a few examples:

2015_02_19_WLP148672015_02_19_WLP14867 2015_02_19_WLP148682015_02_19_WLP14868 2015_02_19_WLP148702015_02_19_WLP14870 2015_02_19_WLP148722015_02_19_WLP14872 2015_02_19_WLP148732015_02_19_WLP14873 2015_02_19_WLP148742015_02_19_WLP14874 2015_02_19_WLP148752015_02_19_WLP14875 2015_02_19_WLP148762015_02_19_WLP14876 2015_02_19_WLP148772015_02_19_WLP14877 2015_02_19_WLP148782015_02_19_WLP14878 2015_02_19_WLP148792015_02_19_WLP14879

I'm pleased I did it and plan on doing a lot more of this type of photography in the near future, I may even give it a go using just my iPhone....

Now I'll sit and wait for the "that's not a real camera, you can't take proper photos with that" comment! 



William Lonsdale Photography
Nathan, spot on. It's all about enjoying shooting (and the results of course).

Steve, you're right the camera is great for lowlight outdoor shooting. I have heard it suggested that people should be present by some, but yes it is open to interpretation. I personally consider urban landscape to fall in the genre of street photography, but I don't get hung up on it! :)

I appreciate both your comments.. Have a great weekend!
Hi, some nice town,city shots. I have the 100s and its great for this low light outdoor stuff.
I would, and others may suggest that street photography has to contain people. I guess its widwly open to interpretation. Would urban landscape be a better description?
Nathan W.(non-registered)
Haha! Love your explanations. How gives a crap? You enjoy the process and the results. Great work! Look forward to seeing more.
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