William Lonsdale Photography | Paris with the Fuji X100T

Paris with the Fuji X100T

A real challenge when you visit popular tourist spots, is to capture images that don't look the same as all the other pictures taken in the same location. 

For example with the eiffel tower, there are only so many angles you can approach it from and almost certainly none that have never been used. So how do you make your pictures a bit different?

Myself, I try to include something non permanent, so if someone else goes tomorrow they won't get the same image. The easiest thing to my mind is to include people, they move around and so always changing! 

Another tactic is to make the landmark a part of but not the main subject of the image. I was very lucky at the time of my visit, as a bride walked beneath the tower in her flowing white dress (I suspect it was more a publicity stunt than a real wedding).

If you look through the small selection I've included below, you should be able to find 3 images that include the eiffel tower in them but I suspect isn't the first thing you notice. 

2015_06_03_WLP160042015_06_03_WLP16004 2015_06_03_WLP159922015_06_03_WLP15992 2015_06_03_WLP159982015_06_03_WLP15998 2015_06_03_WLP160052015_06_03_WLP16005 2015_06_03_WLP159712015_06_03_WLP15971 2015_06_03_WLP159602015_06_03_WLP15960 2015_06_03_WLP159862015_06_03_WLP15986 2015_06_03_WLP159552015_06_03_WLP15955 2015_06_03_WLP159312015_06_03_WLP15931 2015_06_03_WLP159292015_06_03_WLP15929 2015_06_03_WLP159302015_06_03_WLP15930 2015_06_03_WLP159682015_06_03_WLP15968

I don't usually include pictures of the family, but I thought this was a good example of how sometimes it takes an unusual angle to give a unique perspective. I really had no alternative but to get down and dirty for this shot!!


William Lonsdale Photography
Lizzy, thank you for your comment. I'm happy they connected with you in some way, it's interesting hearing what others see... As for your favourite, it would have been better if I was in shot ;)
Amazing photos - such unique perspectives, some of them fleeting as you say and all the richer for it. Wonderful accent colours too (if that term can be applied here! I'm not good with the finer points of photography) - the fuchsia jacket, then the turquoise and moss green in a couple of the later pics. I love the one of the bride, but my favourite is the last one :-)
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