William Lonsdale Photography | Why I use the Fujifilm X100T as my back up camera body

Why I use the Fujifilm X100T as my back up camera body

As a professional photographer it's an expectation you have a back up camera body, for those uh-oh moments (and rightly so). In February 2014 I got myself the Nikon D800 as my main camera, this was an upgrade from my Nikon D700 which I'd purchased in June 2012. The D700 was then used as a back up body, this was the case until November of 2014. 


It has to be said that the Nikon D700 is a fantastic camera (it really is), but I was becoming more frustrated and disappointed with certain images in editing. Not that the images were poor, it was more a case of thinking to myself 'if only I'd used the D800 for that image, I could...'. This was the point at which I stopped using it alongside the D800 and it was in my bag purely as an emergency body.


Fast forward to November 2014, I'm cleaning my gear and reach into my bag and pull out my trusty friend Mr D700. We'd been through so much together, held hands for hours, it brought a tear to my eye.... I hadn't used it for months, it was ridiculous to have a piece of kit like that sitting around doing nothing for the 'what if' scenarios which are thankfully rare. I knew there must be a better way to approach the issue. It was at this point I looked into options, I listed my D700 online and set about the task of finding a worthy replacement.


So what did I want?

  • Reasonably priced - I wasn't going to be putting several thousand £'s into it
  • It had to be something that was totally different to the Nikon D800
  • I had to know I would WANT to use, so it didn't simply fill a space in my bag
  • Results: As a second body I needed to know I could get great results from it.
  • It had to be an ideal camera to use for street photography.


I knew that I wanted to do more street photography, after all it suits my style of candid photography. I had used the D700 & D800 for this but they're not exactly discreet - and I always ended up carrying lenses etc and I wanted a more minimalistic approach. So I decided I was going to steer away from the interchangeable lens options, stick to a fixed focal length so that I had to use my legs (and more importantly head) to get the shots I wanted. Although I had been hearing great things about the Sony A6000 and A7 series and was more than a little tempted - But no, I had to be strict, if I went down that route it's another load of lenses and I'm not meeting all the criteria I laid out above. This was the point at which I started to look at the Fuji X100T, I'd previously bought the X100 (even though I only owned it for a couple weeks before getting rid). This was ticking all the boxes....


I know a lot of people will say that you can't compare the X100T to a D800 and I'd agree, but for me it's not supposed to match. It's a second body that I can rely upon to deliver great results (in an emergency) if needed. However, unlike the D700 it's not simply sitting in my bag weighing me down. It's a camera that I always have with me now, I go out with it to capture street images. Also, if I ever want utilise it at a wedding or event etc and be totally silent I can do. You'd be surprised what you can capture with no shutter sound to give you away..... like a badass Ninja with a camera!


So to sum up, if like me you've been lugging around a body that's not getting used consider changing it out and injecting a fresh new feel into your photography. The Fuji X100T is a very worthwhile camera to have in your collection.... but enough of words. Here are just a few of the images that I've managed to capture in the 2 months I've owned it.....


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