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What accessories to buy for your DSLR

You’ve got your shiny new camera, and you’re looking at what accessories you should buy!!!

The problem is there are so many to choose from, all shouting out for you to spend your hard earned on. So it can be a little bewildering to know what to opt for, especially at the beginning

“it is, so what do you suggest?”

It’s funny you should ask actually, as I do have an item I strongly recommend you invest in (that’s convenient especially considering I’m writing a post on it!!) o.O Even better than that, it’s actually very cheap (at least in comparison to most items related to DSLR photography).

so? what is it???

ooooooh get you……..chill your beans, I was  getting to that….. it’s called a wireless remote control and trust me at times it really is a godsend. It enables you to remotely trigger the shutter, which comes in extremely handy for situations like self portraits or when you want to ensure there is no camera shake (during long exposures etc).

Wireless remote trigger

At certain times your cameras built in timer can do the job just as well (especially when picturing still subjects like product shots etc) but when shooting anything that moves this is limited as everything has to be spot on when the timer runs out. Whereas with the remote shutter, you as the photographer determine the moment to capture the image. I would definitely not be without mine, so I would have to recommend this item to anyone with a DSLR camera.

is it difficult to set up? And you mention cheap but how much can I expect to spend?

Both good questions, I should have covered that really! It’s very easy to set up, you simply attach the trigger to the hot shoe* of the camera and plug in the cable that creates the electronic link between trigger and camera. Then all you have to do to take a picture is press the remote control shutter control. Also it doesn’t just work as a simple trigger, the model illustrated above has 4 trigger modes Single – Continuous – Bulb & Delay shooting.

As for cost, there are many different models out there but the one I use cost me £22.49 with FREE postage. Which I think you’d have to agree is nothing in comparison to most items you’ll buy for your camera!

How about some more detailed info for those of you interested: It works up to a distance of 100 metres and both transmitter and receiver take 2xAAA batteries. The standby time is 3 years for the transmitter and 400 hour for receiver, so they won’t eat up your batteries. With batteries fitted they weigh 46grams for transmitter and 52grams for receiver, which gives a total weight added to your camera bag of 98 grams (not much more than a spare D700 battery!) so it won’t be weighing you down either.

By the way I took the picture above using my iPad (as it was easier as I was writing the post on it) I think the ipad does an OK job actually. Not DSLR quality obviously but good enough for the requirements of a blog post!

So what do you think is a must buy? Or would not be without during shoots?

(*the part where you attach your flash)



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