Students of the Sarah England School of Dance during their 2016 show.
Everybody Dance

Performed at George Lawton Hall in Mossley.
© William Lonsdale Photography
Rehearsals1 Join the Circus1 Join the Circus Matinee2 Soda Pop3 Bobbing Along3 Bobbing Along Matinee4 A little Oliver4 A little Oliver Matinee5 Give me a reason6 Walk our way7 What do you mean8 Magic Dragon8 Magic Dragon Matinee9 Downton Abbey9 Downton Abbey Matinee10 Fight song11 Fly a kite11 Fly a kite Matinee12 Flicker beat13 Harry Potter ballet13a Penguin Dance14 Salt & Pepper15 Be my baby bumble bee15 Be my baby bumble bee Matinee16 Edelweiss17 Upside down18 Mandolin concerto in C19 Beauty and the beast19 Beauty and the beast Matinee20 98 East soul street21 Danse macabre22 Yes Sir I can boogie22 Yes Sir I can boogie Matinee23 Hairspray23 Hairspray Matinee24 Cats25 Lets go crazy26 Run away baby27 Finale