Boudoir or Intimate Portraiture

One particular genre of photography that's fast growing in popularity is boudoir photography, although I'm not a massive fan of the term boudoir - as that suggests it's restricted to females. So from this point forward I'll simply refer to it as intimate. 

So what is it?. It's simply a portrait session where you show a little (or a lot - your choice) more skin than in a standard portrait, you may also pose in a more sensual or provocative manner (but again that's your call). None of us are getting any younger and it's a great way to capture how beautiful you are NOW!

An intimate portrait can be whatever you wish, be it romantic, sensual, sexy or even naughty if the mood takes you. The primary aim of an intimate shoot is to get sensual images, but it's also a fantastic way to boost self esteem & confidence.

Who are intimate portraits for? Anyone that wants emotive images a little outside the box. We all love seeing photos from years gone by, so imagine being able to look back on photos that show how beautiful you are now! They're also becoming a very popular wedding day gift from bride to groom (or vice versa)..

The following are a select few images from an intimate shoot, carefully chosen so as not to be too revealing (ensuring they're safe to view at work etc).

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If you're reading this post thinking "I'd love to have a shoot like that done but I'd be too nervous"... the most important thing to remember is, you are in total control and decide what you want it to be. 

These were captured in the clients home (where she's most at ease and comfortable), however they can be taken anywhere you feel comfortable.

Please note: These images are used with permission - No images would be used unless permission was granted.

Last little thing to leave you with....

How many times have you remembered something from the past and wish that you had photos to look back on? Better to have them, than wish you had!

Get in touch to arrange your own intimate shoot or to discuss in more detail.... 



Well...the pictures are of me so thought I'd leave a comment...I am so pleased and happy I plucked up the courage to do this. I'm 41 years old and wanted to capture me as I am now. I'm not the slimmest of girls either but Will captured me as I am. It was so relaxed, I didn't feel embarrassed either and I actually feel butterflies when I see these pictures! It shows me, my personality but also a cheeky side which is exactly what I wanted. These were more than I'd hoped for. He got to know you and just snapped away and got exactly what I wanted - please do this!! You will feel amazing - thank you Will
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