Working with professional models

All photographers should work with a professional model at some point in the process of learning their craft, actually they should try all genres - as each will splinter and inject something different into your photography.

A big bonus when shooting someone experienced is you have one less thing to think about, leave them to use their own knowledge in posing etc (whilst you worry about camera settings). 

As many models will have worked with lots of photographers prior they'll be able to recommend some amazing outdoor locations.

Most will have a wide range of outfits that are not run of the mill 'off the rail' pieces to give your images that something extra.

However, where a lot of Photographers get it wrong (particularly those wishing to have a photojournalistic style) is spending their time ONLY shooting experienced subjects. 

Whilst advantageous having awesome looking studios, beautiful models with a professional make up artist. It doesn't reflect real life situations or everyday people, and it's a very different mindset to working with people who don't have this experience. 

So by all means, work with pro models and learn from it but don't get into the mindset of 'You will always get the best pictures working with pro's'. This will restrict your thinking and besides it just isn't always the case...



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