Joe beans movement and dance

Established in 2005, Joe Beans is run by Sarah Whitham - an Ex-professional dancer and registered teacher of the RAD and the ISTD. The company provides creative education sessions in movement & dance for children aged from 1 to 8 years of age.

This was a commercial shoot in which I was commissioned to capture images of one of their sessions for use in literature, as well as online on social platforms and their website. 

They offer a wide range of services to nurseries, Pre-schools, schools etc that are loved by all! The classes are very lively and involve taking the children on a creative journey, I was lucky enough to be present during a swashbuckling pirate adventure... "Arrrrr, me shipmates!", ahem, sorry!

Following are some of the images I captured during our journey over the seven seas, under the steady guidance of captain Sarah.

2015_05_06_WLP152912015_05_06_WLP15291 2015_05_06_WLP153072015_05_06_WLP15307 2015_05_06_WLP153132015_05_06_WLP15313 2015_05_06_WLP153202015_05_06_WLP15320 2015_05_06_WLP153252015_05_06_WLP15325 2015_05_06_WLP153372015_05_06_WLP15337 2015_05_06_WLP153332015_05_06_WLP15333 2015_05_06_WLP153642015_05_06_WLP15364

I could waffle on but why not go and check them out for yourself via their website or Facebook page





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