Staithes with the Fuji X100T

Those of you who follow my comings & goings via my blog, youtube videos or other social networking platforms will know that I love to use my Fuji X100T camera for street photography. It's a great camera that gives fantastic results whilst remaining discreet, but that's not it's only use. 

When I'm on trips/holidays with the family I really don't want to be lugging around my Nikon D800 or even my Nikon D5300. Although, you have much more capabilities with a DSLR and associated lenses, there's something a little special about being restricted. It changes your mindset and you have to shoot differently, which does take getting used to, but once you do.......

In my 'opinion', using the X100T has improved my photography, by making me think more about what/how I'm shooting. I'm not saying this is unique to the X100T, I also think the same of shooting with the iPhone. My advice to anyone into photography, whether amateur or professional is, shoot with a selection of equipment such as DSLR's - Point & Shoots - Mobile Phones... they all have their quirks and learning to work them will add to your capabilities as a photographer. 

Below are a handful of images captured on a trip to Staithes, only a few as the majority were family holiday snaps. It has to be said that Staithes is a beautiful location and is also where they film the TV program 'Old Jack's Boat'. 

2015_04_16_WLP151452015_04_16_WLP15145 2015_04_16_WLP151592015_04_16_WLP15159 2015_04_16_WLP151522015_04_16_WLP15152 2015_04_16_WLP151502015_04_16_WLP15150 2015_04_16_WLP151412015_04_16_WLP15141 2015_04_16_WLP151302015_04_16_WLP15130

I have a few more posts coming up from other trips with my Fuji X100T, including Paris & Brussels...  so stay tuned!


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