A camera does not a photographer make!

It’s all too common place to see photographers posting articles such as ‘what’s in my bag’ or ‘check out my equipment’ etc, you get the idea it’s basically people shouting out to the world look at all my expensive equipment (I must be a great photographer).

Obviously I’m saying this a little tongue in cheek, not all photographers think this. However, it does seem to be the general consensus that if you have the best equipment or kit you’re going to be the best. Well that just isn’t the case, and if you ask any skilled photographer they will confirm this.

This is not to say that it’s not worth having the best, if you know how to use it then you will get better results from the higher end gear (but you would also get great results from entry level cameras and lenses too).

I was reading outside (on my ipad) and glanced over at the flowers that still had droplets from the last rainfall settled on them, they looked awesome and I thought i’d quite like to capture some images. However, with it being early morning (still waking up) I just couldn’t be bothered to go back into the house and get all my equipment so decided to try and capture some with the built in iPad camera.

Well, what an eye opener it was. They may not be award winning, but it most definitely managed to capture the images to a high enough level that it raised a smile!!


These images took me a total of about 4 minutes to capture, and I think you’d agree that they look pretty good (especially when you consider they are as captured – no post processing). Now I realise I could have waited for the lighting to change a little to give more depth to the images with shadows etc but the main purpose was to show the results that can be attained with a device that is not even a camera.

So the next time you're thinking about spending a pile of money on a new piece of kit, whether that be a lens or camera body just ask yourself if you really need it and will it improve your images!

What devices have you captured images with where you were pleasantly surprised?


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