Rapid or quick? What is the difference?

One of the biggest considerations of any photographer (whether a keen amateur or renowned professional), is where to spend your hard earned moolah, spondoolies, bread, dough, cash…….. ahem, sorry!

Anyway as I was saying, this is one of those areas that stumps us all (ok, well maybe not ALL but the majority where money is a factor!).

This is due to the fact that there are so many things you can put your money into, even forgetting the obvious ones such as cameras & lenses etc.

Once you get hooked on photography it becomes apparent there are so many extras that it can be a bit daunting trying to ascertain what will best meet your needs in the most economical way!

So with this in mind I thought I would give a review of some alternatives to that bog standard camera strap that came packaged with your shiny new camera.

Whats wrong with the strap that came with it?

First off, let me start by saying there is nothing particularly ‘wrong’ with it, but you’re restricted to keeping the camera on your chest/stomach and with a heavy lens it can really start to weigh on your neck.

The options I’m going to present to you in this post offer you a way to keep your camera to the side of your body (almost tucked under your arm, offering a little protection), whilst allowing your shoulders to take the burden of weight! (trust me, it’s much more comfortable).

Ok, so I’ve waffled sufficiently let’s get to it… Firstly the prices:

Option 1: Black Rapid RS7* Cost Approx £48

Option 2: Quick strap Cost Approx £18

I know what you’re thinking, look at the price difference it’s a no brainer! I’ll go for option 2 thank you…… I know you’re thinking that because I did the same! (Hence the reason I have both options to compare and write about!)

I agree on first glance there appears to be no comparison, after all the price of option 1 is not far off triple that of option 2. However, we’ve all heard the saying “You get what you pay for”… well quite often this is the truth!

So what is the difference?

  • Firstly there’s the way it’s presented, when you get a black rapid it comes in a netted bag to store in when not in use – The quick strap simply comes in a polythene bag that once opened goes in the bin!
  • After you open them, the first impression of a Black rapid is ‘wow, that’s really well made and feels worth the money’ – Where as with the quick strap it’s more like ‘hmmm this feels a bit clunky, but it did only cost me £18′
  • When you attach your camera you will notice a significant difference in the quality of the connectors (image b) – This is a biggy for me, I want to know that when I hang a couple of thousand pounds worth of camera and lens around my body, it’s going to stay there!!
  • Lastly, the black rapid comes with another clamp on the strap that when you lock it the camera cannot move, if you’re bending over this is a life saver as it means the camera stays at your side and doesn’t swing out under your chest!!

Check out the images for a visual representation of the difference in quality!!

Is there anything about the quick strap that is better than the black rapid?
There is a little zip up pocket on the Quick strap, that the Black rapid doesn’t offer. However, to be honest it’s that small that its pointless it being there,  Oooh actually the underside of the strap that goes over your shoulder has big rubber sucker type things. I’m fairly sure if you dip these in paint that you could press them against your face and claim you were attacked by a giant squid….. Oh, not really what you were looking for? In that case the honest answer for me would have to be no.
I bought the Quick strap initially as I wanted another option in place of the standard camera strap (as it was straining my neck), so I opted for the quick strap. I have to admit that I was happy with it as it DOES the job, but after subsequently trying a black rapid I decided to upgrade.
So my recommendation to any of you reading is to either, save for a black rapid and pay the extra for quality. Or alternatively buy a quick strap but NEVER try out a black rapid!!! You have been warned!!!!
Do any of you own one of the straps above? How do you rate it, do you like it? Would you ever go back to the standard strap that came with your camera??
It’s also worth noting that I would recommend you also get a brad strap for use with your Black Rapid… it’s another strap that you connect and it pulls everything tighter. (Also, makes it look a bit like a gun holster so you can pretend your in the FBI or  …… erm!)

*Other models available


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