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Commercial images of just one of the many pieces of industrial equipment that The Tape Guru has at his disposal. You'd be amazed what he can do with tape...

EliteCameronLM1600003EliteCameronLM1600003 EliteCameronLM1600007EliteCameronLM1600007 EliteCameronLM1600010EliteCameronLM1600010 EliteCameronLM1600014EliteCameronLM1600014 EliteCameronLM1600017EliteCameronLM1600017 EliteCameronLM1600020EliteCameronLM1600020 EliteCameronLM1600023EliteCameronLM1600023 EliteCameronLM1600026EliteCameronLM1600026 EliteCameronLM1600027EliteCameronLM1600027 EliteCameronLM1600031EliteCameronLM1600031 EliteCameronLM1600035EliteCameronLM1600035

For more information on what the guru has to offer, visit www.tapeguru.co.uk

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) adhesive tape commercial commercial photography industrial industrial photography industry manchester nitto orafol scapa tameside tape range tape2go tapeguru the tape guru http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2018/3/tape-guru-commercial-elite-cameron-lm1600-laminator Wed, 28 Mar 2018 17:00:00 GMT
FIONA + JAMES | WEDDING | WHITE BOTTOM FARM | ETHEROW COUNTRY PARK | MARPLE http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/fiona-james-wedding-white-bottom-farm-etherow-country-park-marple Fiona and James Wedding coverage | White Bottom Farm | Etherow Country Park | Marple

September 9th 2017

Wedding Fiona & James-4Wedding Fiona & James-4 Wedding Fiona & James-16Wedding Fiona & James-16 Wedding Fiona & James-6Wedding Fiona & James-6 Wedding Fiona & James-19Wedding Fiona & James-19 Wedding Fiona & James-11Wedding Fiona & James-11 Wedding Fiona & James-124Wedding Fiona & James-124 Wedding Fiona & James-566Wedding Fiona & James-566 Wedding Fiona & James-265Wedding Fiona & James-265 Wedding Fiona & James-246Wedding Fiona & James-246 Wedding Fiona & James-532Wedding Fiona & James-532 Wedding Fiona & James-450Wedding Fiona & James-450 Wedding Fiona & James-283-2Wedding Fiona & James-283-2 Wedding Fiona & James-409Wedding Fiona & James-409 Wedding Fiona & James-514Wedding Fiona & James-514 Wedding Fiona & James-440Wedding Fiona & James-440 Wedding Fiona & James-649Wedding Fiona & James-649 Wedding Fiona & James-626Wedding Fiona & James-626

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) #leeswedfest barn barn wedding bride candid ceremony etherow country park family farm wedding fiona fiona chapman groom james james lees manchester marple party pre-ceremony reception rustic storytelling wedding wedding photographer wedding photography white bottom farm whitebottom farm http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/fiona-james-wedding-white-bottom-farm-etherow-country-park-marple Wed, 11 Oct 2017 06:16:27 GMT
ANAND TV FILM AWARDS 2017 http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/anand-tv-film-awards-2017 Anand TV Film Awards 2017 | Apollo Theatre, Manchester

The 2nd Anand TV Film Awards ceremony was held at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester, and included many of Malayalam’s biggest names (most notably Anil Kapoor).

 Audience members and celebrities alike are kept on the edge of their seats by performances from a range of acts such as Epika Dance. Following are just a few of the amazing images captured throughout the event...

Anand Film Awards 2017122Anand Film Awards 2017122 Anand Film Awards 2017123Anand Film Awards 2017123 Anand Film Awards 2017168Anand Film Awards 2017168 Anand Film Awards 2017170Anand Film Awards 2017170 Anand Film Awards 2017184Anand Film Awards 2017184 Anand Film Awards 2017218Anand Film Awards 2017218 Anand Film Awards 2017301Anand Film Awards 2017301 Anand Film Awards 2017318Anand Film Awards 2017318 Anand Film Awards 2017339Anand Film Awards 2017339 Anand Film Awards 2017372Anand Film Awards 2017372 Anand Film Awards 2017386Anand Film Awards 2017386 Anand Film Awards 2017442Anand Film Awards 2017442 Anand Film Awards 2017477Anand Film Awards 2017477 Anand Film Awards 2017540Anand Film Awards 2017540 Anand Film Awards 2017570Anand Film Awards 2017570 Anand Film Awards 2017647Anand Film Awards 2017647 Anand Film Awards 2017667Anand Film Awards 2017667 Anand Film Awards 2017690Anand Film Awards 2017690 Anand Film Awards 2017720Anand Film Awards 2017720 Anand Film Awards 2017739Anand Film Awards 2017739 Anand Film Awards 2017808Anand Film Awards 2017808 Anand Film Awards 2017850Anand Film Awards 2017850 Anand Film Awards 2017862Anand Film Awards 2017862 Anand Film Awards 2017873Anand Film Awards 2017873 Anand Film Awards 2017880Anand Film Awards 2017880 Anand Film Awards 2017936Anand Film Awards 2017936 Anand Film Awards 2017998Anand Film Awards 2017998 Anand Film Awards 20171040Anand Film Awards 20171040 Anand Film Awards 20171051Anand Film Awards 20171051 Anand Film Awards 20171092Anand Film Awards 20171092 Anand Film Awards 20171102Anand Film Awards 20171102 Anand Film Awards 20171119Anand Film Awards 20171119 Anand Film Awards 20171199Anand Film Awards 20171199 Anand Film Awards 20171267Anand Film Awards 20171267 Anand Film Awards 20171319Anand Film Awards 20171319 Anand Film Awards 20171363Anand Film Awards 20171363 Anand Film Awards 20171367Anand Film Awards 20171367 Anand Film Awards 20171399Anand Film Awards 20171399 Anand Film Awards 20171713Anand Film Awards 20171713 Anand Film Awards 20171928Anand Film Awards 20171928 Anand Film Awards 20171933Anand Film Awards 20171933

Anand Film Awards 20171953Anand Film Awards 20171953

The awards were given as follows:


Child Prodigy Winner: Sreya Jayadeep

Best Actor in Humorous Role: Dharmajan Bolgatty 

Best Character Actress: Anusree Nair

Best Director: Vysakh

Best Music Director: Shaan Rahman

Best Playback Singer: M G Sreekumar

Youth Icon Winner: Unni Mukundan

Multi Faceted Personality: Innocent

Outstanding Contributions in Various Fields: Mukesh

Popular Actress: Bhavana

Best Actor: Nivin Pauly

Best Actress: Manju Warrier

Best Film: Action Hero Biju

New Face: Aparna Balamurali

Honouring: Anil Kapoor

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) #epikadance @epikadance 2ndanand anand tv anand tv awards anil kapoor anusree nair aparna balamurali apollo theatre bhavana biju dance dharmajan bolgatty epika dance event event photographer event photography innocent m g sreekumar manchester manju warrier mukesh nivin pauly photographer photography shaan rahman sreya jayadeep unni mukundan unni ps vysakh http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/anand-tv-film-awards-2017 Tue, 10 Oct 2017 06:25:44 GMT
VOCATONES | BIG SUMMER SING 2017 http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/vocatones-big-summer-sing-2017 Vocatones | Big Summer Sing 2017

Photojournalistic coverage of Vocatones' Big Summer Sing 2017 at Old Chapel in Dukinfield.

Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-1Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-1 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-2Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-2 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-3Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-3 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-4Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-4 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-8Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-8 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-9Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-9 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-10Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-10 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-12Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-12 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-14Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-14 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-41Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-41 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-57Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-57 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-58Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-58 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-65Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-65 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-98Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-98 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-128Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-128 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-135Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-135 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-145Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-145 Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-158Vocatones Big Summer Sing 2017-158


To find out more about Vocatones please visit www.vocatones.co.uk

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) 2baap big summer sing dukinfield event photographer event photography manchester old chapel photographer photography tameside theatre vocatones http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/vocatones-big-summer-sing-2017 Mon, 09 Oct 2017 06:21:51 GMT
STALYBRIDGE CARNIVAL 2017 | STREET FESTIVAL | STALYBRIDGE http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/stalybridge-carnival-2017-street-festival-stalybridge Stalybridge Carnival Coverage | Stalybridge Town Centre

June 25th 2017

Photojournalistic coverage of the 2017 Stalybridge Carnival, an annual event dating all the way back to 1976.

Stalybridge Carnival 2017 002Stalybridge Carnival 2017 002 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 014Stalybridge Carnival 2017 014 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 008Stalybridge Carnival 2017 008 WLP_9030WLP_9030 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 017Stalybridge Carnival 2017 017 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 018Stalybridge Carnival 2017 018 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 037Stalybridge Carnival 2017 037 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 036Stalybridge Carnival 2017 036 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 043Stalybridge Carnival 2017 043 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 046Stalybridge Carnival 2017 046 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 051Stalybridge Carnival 2017 051 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 053Stalybridge Carnival 2017 053 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 055Stalybridge Carnival 2017 055 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 057Stalybridge Carnival 2017 057 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 064Stalybridge Carnival 2017 064 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 065Stalybridge Carnival 2017 065 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 069Stalybridge Carnival 2017 069 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 071Stalybridge Carnival 2017 071 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 077Stalybridge Carnival 2017 077 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 097Stalybridge Carnival 2017 097 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 101Stalybridge Carnival 2017 101 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 109Stalybridge Carnival 2017 109 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 113Stalybridge Carnival 2017 113 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 118Stalybridge Carnival 2017 118 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 123Stalybridge Carnival 2017 123 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 137Stalybridge Carnival 2017 137 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 139Stalybridge Carnival 2017 139 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 140Stalybridge Carnival 2017 140 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 145Stalybridge Carnival 2017 145 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 147Stalybridge Carnival 2017 147 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 156Stalybridge Carnival 2017 156 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 158Stalybridge Carnival 2017 158 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 159Stalybridge Carnival 2017 159 WLP_9885WLP_9885 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 168Stalybridge Carnival 2017 168 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 180Stalybridge Carnival 2017 180 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 183Stalybridge Carnival 2017 183 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 187Stalybridge Carnival 2017 187 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 200Stalybridge Carnival 2017 200 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 206Stalybridge Carnival 2017 206 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 225Stalybridge Carnival 2017 225 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 235Stalybridge Carnival 2017 235 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 236Stalybridge Carnival 2017 236 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 245Stalybridge Carnival 2017 245 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 259Stalybridge Carnival 2017 259 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 263Stalybridge Carnival 2017 263 Stalybridge Carnival 2017 287Stalybridge Carnival 2017 287

To view the rest of the photos captured visit 2017 Or to see past years photos check out these links 2016 | 2015

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) carnival celebration courts of queens dance event photographer event photography festival floats manchester photographer photography stalybridge street tameside the sarah england school of dance http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/stalybridge-carnival-2017-street-festival-stalybridge Sun, 08 Oct 2017 07:17:11 GMT
YOUTHEATRE UK | SUMMER SHOWCASE 2017 http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/youtheatre-uk-summer-showcase-2017 Youtheatre UK | Summer Showcase 2017

Photojournalistic coverage of Youtheatre UK's 2017 Summer showcase at Old Chapel in Dukinfield.

YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_011YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_011 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_019YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_019 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_023YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_023 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_038YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_038 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_047YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_047 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_064YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_064 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_074YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_074 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_078YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_078 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_089YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_089 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_091YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_091 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_104YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_104 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_108YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_108 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_111YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_111 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_119YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_119 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_131YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_131 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_148YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_148 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_158YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_158 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_166YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_166 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_169YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_169 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_170YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_170 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_188YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_188 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_206YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_206 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_226YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_226 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_237YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_237 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_247YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_247 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_266YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_266 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_290YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_290 YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_296YoutheatreUK Summer Showcase 2017_296

To find out more about Youtheatre UK please visit www.youtheatreuk.co.uk

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) 2baap dukinfield event photographer event photography manchester old chapel photographer photography summer showcase tameside theatre youth theatre youtheatreuk http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/youtheatre-uk-summer-showcase-2017 Sat, 07 Oct 2017 17:45:37 GMT
VOCATONES CHILDRENS POP & ROCK CHOIR | HURSTFEST 2017 http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/vocatones-childrens-pop-rock-choir-hurstfest-2017 Vocatones Childrens Choir | Hurstfest 2017

Vocatones | Hurstfest 038Vocatones | Hurstfest 038 Vocatones | Hurstfest 055Vocatones | Hurstfest 055 Vocatones | Hurstfest 059Vocatones | Hurstfest 059 Vocatones | Hurstfest 063Vocatones | Hurstfest 063 Vocatones | Hurstfest 064Vocatones | Hurstfest 064 Vocatones | Hurstfest 086Vocatones | Hurstfest 086 Vocatones | Hurstfest 115Vocatones | Hurstfest 115 Vocatones | Hurstfest 124Vocatones | Hurstfest 124 Vocatones | Hurstfest 129Vocatones | Hurstfest 129 Vocatones | Hurstfest 136Vocatones | Hurstfest 136 Vocatones | Hurstfest 147Vocatones | Hurstfest 147 Vocatones | Hurstfest 162Vocatones | Hurstfest 162 Vocatones | Hurstfest 173Vocatones | Hurstfest 173 Vocatones | Hurstfest 177Vocatones | Hurstfest 177 Vocatones | Hurstfest 186Vocatones | Hurstfest 186 To find out more about Vocatones please visit www.vocatones.co.uk

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) ashton under lyne ashton united fc childrens choir choir hurstfest manchester photographer pop choir rock choir tameside vocatones http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/10/vocatones-childrens-pop-rock-choir-hurstfest-2017 Sat, 07 Oct 2017 11:25:00 GMT
POLISHED TO PERFECTION BY DAWN ELLOR http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/9/polished-to-perfection-by-dawn-ellor Dawn Ellor of Polished to Perfection in Hyde is a very talented nail technician who required me to capture images that would highlight her skillset to potential clients.

In 2017 her hard work was recognised by Scratch® (The UK's leading nail magazine), by becoming a finalist in the 'Gel Polish Stylist of the Year' competition.

Following is a small selection of the images captured...


Polished to Perfection 053Polished to Perfection 053

WLP_0593WLP_0593 Polished to Perfection 060Polished to Perfection 060 Polished to Perfection 061Polished to Perfection 061 Polished to Perfection 064Polished to Perfection 064 Polished to Perfection 068Polished to Perfection 068 Polished to Perfection 074Polished to Perfection 074 Polished to Perfection 076Polished to Perfection 076 Polished to perfection021Polished to perfection021 Polished to perfection023Polished to perfection023 Polished to perfection024Polished to perfection024 Polished to perfection032Polished to perfection032 Polished to perfection039Polished to perfection039 Polished to perfection047Polished to perfection047    

Polished to Perfection by Dawn Ellor | 178 Market Street, Hyde, SK14 1EX 

Check out her facebook page for more information 

Ever had your nails done by Dawn? Comment below to share your experience...

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) akzentz dawn ellor gel luxio magazine manchester nails polished to perfection scratch scratch magazine scratch® shellac http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/9/polished-to-perfection-by-dawn-ellor Mon, 04 Sep 2017 14:57:31 GMT
CHRISTOPHER NIBBLE - IN A TALE OF DANDELION DERRING-DO! http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/6/christopher-nibble-in-a-tale-of-dandelion-derring-do Another commission by The Topsy Turvy Theatre company, this time to capture

images & video of their amazing stage adaptation of the charming

children's books written & illustrated by Charlotte Middleton 

'Christopher Nibble - in a tale of dandelion derring-do!'

This is the trailer video I produced along with a small selection of the images...

  Christopher Nibble - 010Christopher Nibble - 010 Christopher Nibble - 014Christopher Nibble - 014 Christopher Nibble - 016Christopher Nibble - 016 Christopher Nibble - 022Christopher Nibble - 022 Christopher Nibble - 083Christopher Nibble - 083 Christopher Nibble - 144Christopher Nibble - 144 Christopher Nibble - 169Christopher Nibble - 169 Christopher Nibble - 189Christopher Nibble - 189 Christopher Nibble - 210Christopher Nibble - 210 Christopher Nibble - 226Christopher Nibble - 226 Christopher Nibble - 308Christopher Nibble - 308 Christopher Nibble - 311Christopher Nibble - 311 Christopher Nibble - 366Christopher Nibble - 366 Christopher Nibble - 410Christopher Nibble - 410 Christopher Nibble - 452Christopher Nibble - 452 Christopher Nibble - 462Christopher Nibble - 462 Christopher Nibble - 469Christopher Nibble - 469 Christopher Nibble - 471Christopher Nibble - 471

Topsy Turvy Theatre Co | Lowry Theatre at the Curve Theatre, Leicester.

Check out their website for more information www.topsyturvytheatre.co.uk

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) Charlotte Middleton Christopher Nibble Curve Theatre Leicester Topsy Turvy Theatre Trailer book children's books curve stage adaptation theatrical photography theatrical videography trailer video http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/6/christopher-nibble-in-a-tale-of-dandelion-derring-do Wed, 21 Jun 2017 11:27:26 GMT
CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED - KATIE SAVES THE DAY http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/6/christmas-is-cancelled---katie-saves-the-day-performed-by-topsy-turvy-theatre I was commissioned by The Topsy Turvy Theatre company to

capture images & video of their amazing performance of 

'Christmas is Cancelled - Katie saves the day' 

Here is the trailer video I produced along with a small selection of the images...


Christmas is Cancelled - 021Christmas is Cancelled - 021 Christmas is Cancelled - 023Christmas is Cancelled - 023 Christmas is Cancelled - 033Christmas is Cancelled - 033 Christmas is Cancelled - 035Christmas is Cancelled - 035 Christmas is Cancelled - 070Christmas is Cancelled - 070 Christmas is Cancelled - 074Christmas is Cancelled - 074 Christmas is Cancelled - 079Christmas is Cancelled - 079 Christmas is Cancelled - 084Christmas is Cancelled - 084 Christmas is Cancelled - 090Christmas is Cancelled - 090 Christmas is Cancelled - 105Christmas is Cancelled - 105 Christmas is Cancelled - 109Christmas is Cancelled - 109 Christmas is Cancelled - 132Christmas is Cancelled - 132 Christmas is Cancelled - 169Christmas is Cancelled - 169 Christmas is Cancelled - 198Christmas is Cancelled - 198 Christmas is Cancelled - 223Christmas is Cancelled - 223 Christmas is Cancelled - 235Christmas is Cancelled - 235

Christmas is Cancelled - 050Christmas is Cancelled - 050

Topsy Turvy Theatre Co | Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays, Manchester.

Check out their website for more information www.topsyturvytheatre.co.uk

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) Lowry Lowry Theatre Manchester Topsy Turvy Theatre theatrical photography theatrical videography http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/6/christmas-is-cancelled---katie-saves-the-day-performed-by-topsy-turvy-theatre Fri, 16 Jun 2017 17:13:53 GMT
ASHLEIGH + MATT | WEDDING | HOLLIN HALL COUNTRY HOUSE HOTEL | MACCLESFIELD http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/2/ashleigh-matt-wedding-macclesfield-hollin-hall-country-house-hotel Ashleigh and Matt's Wedding coverage | Hollin Hall Country House Hotel

October 1st 2016

Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-004Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-004 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-022Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-022 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-024Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-024 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-062Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-062 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-067Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-067 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-113Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-113 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-144Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-144 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-209Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-209 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-211Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-211 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-213Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-213 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-242Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-242 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-336Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-336 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-361Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-361 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-480Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-480 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-502Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-502 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-505Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-505 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-510Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-510 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-525Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-525 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-542Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-542 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-553Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-553 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-566Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-566 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-573Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-573 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-575Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-575 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-623Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-623 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-640Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-640 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-653Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-653 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-710Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-710 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-752Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-752 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-780Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-780 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-794Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-794 Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-810Wedding Ashleigh & Matt-810

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) Ashleigh Bride Ceremony Groom Macclesfield Manchester Matt Party Pre-Ceremony Reception Wedding candid family hollin hall country house hotel hollin hall hotel photographer photography registry office storytelling wedding http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/2/ashleigh-matt-wedding-macclesfield-hollin-hall-country-house-hotel Mon, 13 Feb 2017 20:41:47 GMT
EVERYBODY DANCE | STAGE PERFORMANCE | GEORGE LAWTON HALL, MOSSLEY http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/2/everybody-dance-stage-performance-george-lawton-hall-mossley Everybody Dance | Sarah England School Of Dance | Stalybridge, Greater Manchester

Everybody Dance-1469Everybody Dance-1469 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-009Everybody Dance Rehearsal-009 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-043Everybody Dance Rehearsal-043 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-068Everybody Dance Rehearsal-068 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-124Everybody Dance Rehearsal-124 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-130Everybody Dance Rehearsal-130 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-150Everybody Dance Rehearsal-150 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-153Everybody Dance Rehearsal-153 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-159Everybody Dance Rehearsal-159 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-164Everybody Dance Rehearsal-164 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-166Everybody Dance Rehearsal-166 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-171Everybody Dance Rehearsal-171 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-185Everybody Dance Rehearsal-185 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-197Everybody Dance Rehearsal-197 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-210Everybody Dance Rehearsal-210 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-211Everybody Dance Rehearsal-211 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-220Everybody Dance Rehearsal-220 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-221Everybody Dance Rehearsal-221 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-222Everybody Dance Rehearsal-222 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-226Everybody Dance Rehearsal-226 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-228Everybody Dance Rehearsal-228 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-235Everybody Dance Rehearsal-235 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-236Everybody Dance Rehearsal-236 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-248Everybody Dance Rehearsal-248 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-249Everybody Dance Rehearsal-249 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-250Everybody Dance Rehearsal-250 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-251Everybody Dance Rehearsal-251 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-273Everybody Dance Rehearsal-273 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-280Everybody Dance Rehearsal-280 Everybody Dance Rehearsal-287Everybody Dance Rehearsal-287 Everybody Dance-073Everybody Dance-073 Everybody Dance-082Everybody Dance-082 Everybody Dance-131Everybody Dance-131 Everybody Dance-225Everybody Dance-225 Everybody Dance-329Everybody Dance-329 Everybody Dance-343Everybody Dance-343 Everybody Dance-527Everybody Dance-527 Everybody Dance-579Everybody Dance-579 Everybody Dance-640Everybody Dance-640 Everybody Dance-941Everybody Dance-941 Everybody Dance-950Everybody Dance-950 Everybody Dance-1020Everybody Dance-1020 Everybody Dance-1049Everybody Dance-1049 Everybody Dance-1147Everybody Dance-1147 Everybody Dance-1169Everybody Dance-1169 Everybody Dance-1209Everybody Dance-1209 Everybody Dance-1213Everybody Dance-1213 Everybody Dance-1221Everybody Dance-1221 Everybody Dance-1270Everybody Dance-1270 Everybody Dance-1452Everybody Dance-1452

Everybody Dance Rehearsal-003Everybody Dance Rehearsal-003

To view the rest of the photos captured visit the gallery. Or to find out more about the dance school check out this link.

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) George Lawton Hall Sarah England Dance School Stalybridge dance photography eat sleep dance everybody dance performance photography sarah england school of dance show stage stage performance stage photography theatre videography http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2017/2/everybody-dance-stage-performance-george-lawton-hall-mossley Mon, 13 Feb 2017 15:04:56 GMT
ADRIAN MADRY | PORTRAIT | PARK BRIDGE, MANCHESTER http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/11/adrian-madry-park-bridge-model-portfolio-manchester Adrian Madry Portfolio | Park Bridge, Greater Manchester

Adrian Madry Portrait-005Adrian Madry Portrait-005   Adrian Madry Portrait-010Adrian Madry Portrait-010 Adrian Madry Portrait-016Adrian Madry Portrait-016 Adrian Madry Portrait-018Adrian Madry Portrait-018 Adrian Madry Portrait-027Adrian Madry Portrait-027 Adrian Madry Portrait-020Adrian Madry Portrait-020 Adrian Madry Portrait-031Adrian Madry Portrait-031

Adrian Madry Portrait-014Adrian Madry Portrait-014 Adrian Madry Portrait-024Adrian Madry Portrait-024 Adrian Madry Portrait-013Adrian Madry Portrait-013 Adrian Madry Portrait-040Adrian Madry Portrait-040

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) Portrait adrian madry male model modelling portfolio session shoot http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/11/adrian-madry-park-bridge-model-portfolio-manchester Tue, 22 Nov 2016 14:57:00 GMT
STACEY + CHRIS | WEDDING | DUKINFIELD REGISTRY OFFICE, DUKINFIELD TOWN HALL http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/9/dukinfield-registry-office-town-hall-portland-basin-wedding-photography-stacey-chris Stacey and Chris's Wedding coverage | Dukinfield Town Hall & Portland Basin

September 28th 2016

Wedding Stacey & Chris-031Wedding Stacey & Chris-031 Wedding Stacey & Chris-032Wedding Stacey & Chris-032 Wedding Stacey & Chris-049Wedding Stacey & Chris-049 Wedding Stacey & Chris-121Wedding Stacey & Chris-121 Wedding Stacey & Chris-159Wedding Stacey & Chris-159 Wedding Stacey & Chris-210Wedding Stacey & Chris-210 Wedding Stacey & Chris-233Wedding Stacey & Chris-233 Wedding Stacey & Chris-309Wedding Stacey & Chris-309 Wedding Stacey & Chris-421Wedding Stacey & Chris-421 Wedding Stacey & Chris-520Wedding Stacey & Chris-520

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) Bride Ceremony Chris Groom Manchester Party Pre-Ceremony Reception Wedding ashton under lyne barge bridge view cafe canal canal side candid dukinfield family photographer photography portland basin registry office shepley stacey storytelling town hall wedding http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/9/dukinfield-registry-office-town-hall-portland-basin-wedding-photography-stacey-chris Tue, 27 Sep 2016 23:15:00 GMT
CAROLINE + SEAN | WEDDING | ST TATHAN'S PARISH CHURCH, ST ATHAN, WALES http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/7/st-athan-st-tathans-parish-church-wedding-photography-caroline-sean Caroline and Sean's Wedding coverage | St Tathan's Parish Church, St Athan, Wales

July 23rd 2016

Wedding Caroline & Sean-023Wedding Caroline & Sean-023 Wedding Caroline & Sean-098Wedding Caroline & Sean-098 Wedding Caroline & Sean-103Wedding Caroline & Sean-103 Wedding Caroline & Sean-141Wedding Caroline & Sean-141 Wedding Caroline & Sean-190Wedding Caroline & Sean-190 Wedding Caroline & Sean-205Wedding Caroline & Sean-205 Wedding Caroline & Sean-274Wedding Caroline & Sean-274 Wedding Caroline & Sean-281Wedding Caroline & Sean-281 Wedding Caroline & Sean-299Wedding Caroline & Sean-299 Wedding Caroline & Sean-326Wedding Caroline & Sean-326 Wedding Caroline & Sean-427Wedding Caroline & Sean-427 Wedding Caroline & Sean-467Wedding Caroline & Sean-467 Wedding Caroline & Sean-474Wedding Caroline & Sean-474 Wedding Caroline & Sean-601Wedding Caroline & Sean-601

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EILEEN + COLIN | WEDDING | DUKINFIELD REGISTRY OFFICE, DUKINFIELD TOWN HALL http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/7/dukinfield-registry-office-town-hall-wedding-photography-eileen-colin Eileen and Colin's Wedding coverage | Dukinfield Registry, Dukinfield Town Hall

July 15th 2016

Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-001Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-001 Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-015Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-015 Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-019Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-019 Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-023Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-023 Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-025Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-025 Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-031Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-031 Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-071Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-071 Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-085Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-085 Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-087Wedding Eileen Colin 2016-087

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STALYBRIDGE CARNIVAL 2016 | STREET FESTIVAL | STALYBRIDGE http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/6/stalybridge-carnival-2016 Stalybridge Carnival Coverage | Stalybridge Town Centre + Cheetham Park

June 26th 2016

Stalybridge Carnival 2016-001Stalybridge Carnival 2016-001 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-024Stalybridge Carnival 2016-024 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-035Stalybridge Carnival 2016-035 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-066Stalybridge Carnival 2016-066 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-071Stalybridge Carnival 2016-071 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-093Stalybridge Carnival 2016-093 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-107Stalybridge Carnival 2016-107 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-121Stalybridge Carnival 2016-121 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-134Stalybridge Carnival 2016-134 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-195Stalybridge Carnival 2016-195 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-197Stalybridge Carnival 2016-197 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-213Stalybridge Carnival 2016-213 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-219Stalybridge Carnival 2016-219 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-227Stalybridge Carnival 2016-227 Stalybridge Carnival 2016-239Stalybridge Carnival 2016-239 To view the rest of the photos captured visit the gallery. Or to see last years Carnival check out this link

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) Cheetham Park Courts of Queens Humbuckers Duo Manchester Photography The Sarah England School of Dance carnival celebration dance festival floats manchester photographer stalybridge street tameside http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/6/stalybridge-carnival-2016 Sun, 26 Jun 2016 13:57:00 GMT
TRUDY + KEV | WEDDING | HOLLIDAY WHARF, BIRMINGHAM http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/5/holliday-wharf-birmingham-wedding-photography-trudy-kev Trudy and Kev's Wedding coverage | Holliday Wharf, Birmingham

May 28th 2016

Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 49_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 49_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 118_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 118_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 126_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 126_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 190_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 190_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 260_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 260_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 268_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 268_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 293_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 293_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 312_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 312_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 319_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 319_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 326_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 326_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 422_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 422_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 439_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 439_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 446_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 446_ Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 480_Trudy & Kevin Wedding - 480_

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Chloe Jones EP Launch - 'Meet You There' http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/4/chloe-jones-ep-launch---meet-you-there Those of you following my other social media accounts such as Facebook & Twitter will have heard me mention Chloe Jones in the past; a very talented singer-songwriter from Dukinfield, Greater Manchester who's working hard to gain recognition around the world.

You may also recall I produced a music video for her Autumnal song 'Conkers'. What, you didn't catch it?? In that case feast your eyes and more importantly ears on this:










After winning 'The Voice Of McDonald's UK' Chloe had equal success in the European leg of the competition, which led to being a world semi-finalist in the global singing competition. Her progression through the contest saw Chloe perform in London, Amsterdam, Portugal and the US, performing at The McDonald's Worldwide Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Chloe can be regularly found performing gigs & acoustic nights around the many bars, coffee & tea lounges of Manchester and if you're lucky you may even stumble across her busking on the streets of the City.

To build on her following from these popular performances, Chloe made the decision to produce an EP titled 'Meet You There'. The launch night was Friday April 15th and was located at Gullivers, situated in Manchester's ever popular Norther Quarter. 

The EP contains four Americana/Folk style songs which are inspired by her travels & wanderlust.

  • Meet You There
  • Wings
  • Daydreams
  • Free

You can check them out (by that I mean buy it) via iTunes

It was a great night which saw Chloe and her band supported by Richie Syrett, Susie Jones & Leanne Burton. Unfortunately I was unable to get to the launch until later so missed Leanne Burton (although I was informed she was awesome), plus most of Susie Jones but caught the back end.  

I did see all of Richie Syrett's fantastic performance and of course Chloe's (which, as expected was amazing). I was very pleased to be able to capture images of both acts; the following are my personal favourites, to view the complete set you can check it out here

Chloe & her band:

Chloe Jones EP Launch-111Chloe Jones EP Launch-111 Chloe Jones EP Launch-44Chloe Jones EP Launch-44 Chloe Jones EP Launch-55Chloe Jones EP Launch-55 Chloe Jones EP Launch-58Chloe Jones EP Launch-58 Chloe Jones EP Launch-59Chloe Jones EP Launch-59 Chloe Jones EP Launch-60Chloe Jones EP Launch-60 Chloe Jones EP Launch-62Chloe Jones EP Launch-62 Chloe Jones EP Launch-64Chloe Jones EP Launch-64 Chloe Jones EP Launch-67Chloe Jones EP Launch-67 Chloe Jones EP Launch-72Chloe Jones EP Launch-72 Chloe Jones EP Launch-74Chloe Jones EP Launch-74 Chloe Jones EP Launch-76Chloe Jones EP Launch-76 Chloe Jones EP Launch-80Chloe Jones EP Launch-80 Chloe Jones EP Launch-82Chloe Jones EP Launch-82 Chloe Jones EP Launch-83Chloe Jones EP Launch-83 Chloe Jones EP Launch-89Chloe Jones EP Launch-89

Chloe Jones EP Launch-93Chloe Jones EP Launch-93 Chloe Jones EP Launch-87Chloe Jones EP Launch-87 Chloe Jones EP Launch-97Chloe Jones EP Launch-97 Chloe Jones EP Launch-105Chloe Jones EP Launch-105 Chloe Jones EP Launch-107Chloe Jones EP Launch-107 Chloe Jones EP Launch-109Chloe Jones EP Launch-109

Plus Richie Syrett & the band:

Chloe Jones EP Launch-1Chloe Jones EP Launch-1 Chloe Jones EP Launch-2Chloe Jones EP Launch-2 Chloe Jones EP Launch-8Chloe Jones EP Launch-8 Chloe Jones EP Launch-9Chloe Jones EP Launch-9 Chloe Jones EP Launch-11Chloe Jones EP Launch-11 Chloe Jones EP Launch-14Chloe Jones EP Launch-14 Chloe Jones EP Launch-16Chloe Jones EP Launch-16 Chloe Jones EP Launch-17Chloe Jones EP Launch-17 Chloe Jones EP Launch-19Chloe Jones EP Launch-19 Chloe Jones EP Launch-21Chloe Jones EP Launch-21 Chloe Jones EP Launch-22Chloe Jones EP Launch-22 Chloe Jones EP Launch-27Chloe Jones EP Launch-27 Chloe Jones EP Launch-29Chloe Jones EP Launch-29 Chloe Jones EP Launch-31Chloe Jones EP Launch-31 Chloe Jones EP Launch-33Chloe Jones EP Launch-33

Did I mention Chloe is also available to book for weddings, parties or corporate events? If you'd like to know more, check out her website or email.   

Which is your favourite track off the EP?

will@williamlonsdale.com (William Lonsdale Photography) Chloe Jones Chloe Jones Music Conkers EP EP Launch Gullivers Leanne Burton Manchester Meet you there Music Northern Quarter Richie Syrett Richie Syrett Band Singer Songwriter Susie Jones Susie Jones Band Voice of McDonald's http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/4/chloe-jones-ep-launch---meet-you-there Sat, 23 Apr 2016 12:24:59 GMT
Editorial, lifestyle photography and why you should be using it. http://www.williamlonsdale.com/blog/2016/4/Editorial-lifestyle-photography-and-why-you-should-be-using-it The concept of editorial/lifestyle photography is to capture the natural ambience and portray this to anyone on the outside looking in. With our lives becoming increasingly virtual with websites and social media platforms to interact on, we need to make our online presence more personable, one way of achieving this is by implementing images. 

Sterling Finance Editorial-227Sterling Finance Editorial-227

As you're no doubt aware, there are numerous online stock photo sites offering to sell you stock photos. Many of which at first glance look the part, but they fall short in a number of ways.

Firstly, these are stock images and as such are available for anyone to buy (including your competitors), besides, you want to stand out from the crowd, don't you? Oh sure you may be able to buy a stock photo for exclusive use, but the price will sufficiently scare you enough that you'll want to get in touch to arrange your own editorial shoot!

Secondly, the whole point of your online presence is to connect with existing and potential clients. Nothing builds confidence like being able to see pictures of your team in their environment. Not forgetting, the overly white toothed model featuring photos are becoming dated and people know they're stock photos and simply don't connect with them.

Many believe their work environment will not convey well in images or video, this is simply not the case. Sure if you work for a blue chip company or multinational giant such as Google or Apple then your work environment will be amazing and as such this should carry over very easily into visual representations of such.

However, most of us don't work in places like this and the point is not to make everything look perfect, shiny and new, the objective is to convey the 'real'. It's the job of the photographer to do this in a way that's visually appealing and to find the small details, making who you are and what you do unique.

The following images are a small selection captured during a recent commission for an editorial style shoot. Based in the offices of Sterling Finance (UK) Ltd, a chartered certified accountant based in Ashton Under Lyne, Greater Manchester.

Sterling Finance Editorial-23Sterling Finance Editorial-23 Sterling Finance Editorial-37Sterling Finance Editorial-37 Sterling Finance Editorial-17Sterling Finance Editorial-17 Sterling Finance Editorial-40Sterling Finance Editorial-40 Sterling Finance Editorial-24Sterling Finance Editorial-24 Sterling Finance Editorial-70Sterling Finance Editorial-70 Sterling Finance Editorial-44Sterling Finance Editorial-44 Sterling Finance Editorial-111Sterling Finance Editorial-111 Sterling Finance Editorial-42Sterling Finance Editorial-42 Sterling Finance Editorial-184Sterling Finance Editorial-184 Sterling Finance Editorial-208Sterling Finance Editorial-208 Sterling Finance Editorial-73Sterling Finance Editorial-73 Sterling Finance Editorial-210-EditSterling Finance Editorial-210-Edit

If you are in the market for an accountant why not get in touch with Sterling Finance for a FREE consultation & advice.

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